Best Light for GoPro- What is the best light for your GoPro Camera?


Are your GoPro videos way too dark? If you want to get a bit more detail in your night recordings you may need to shine some light on the situation. Although there are infinitely many lights to choose from online, through some very dedicated research we were able to narrow it down to the top 5! Here’s our list of the best lights for land or sea based on performance, durability, and functionality. Enjoy!


SP Gadgets POV Light

SP Gadgets offers a brand new Point of view light that mounts directly under your gopro to provide adequate light without that annoying hotspot that comes with side mounted lighting. With Sp Gadgets POV light just attach it to any GoPro compatible pole and then mount your GoPro camera directly on top of the light. The aluminum casing allows for a quick cool down while also keeping it very light weight... it’s a light light. Equipped with a wide angle beam, SP gadget’s POV light provides excellent clarity of vision. Whether you’re scuba diving or recording a night hike this light will leave you with intelligible and illuminated recordings. This is by far our favorite light for filming with a GoPro. Not only does it mount in the ideal position, but its dissemination of brightness leaves you with excellent quality footage that is free of hotspots. The quality that went into making this light is what makes it a true standout. If you’re looking for something that will last you for years to come, the POV light from SP gadgets is going to yield you the best return on investment. 300 lumens isn't the brightest thing under the sea but it should do the trick as long as you don't plan on using a dark filter.



UK Pro Aqualite


Adjust the Aqualite's intensity by simply turning the knob!

This waterproof light can be submerged up to 3 meters.  Underwater Kinetics has introduced a variety of products to the GoPro market and they all have decent quality for the modest pricing. 2200 mA-Hr rechargeable lithium ion batteries equates to one very powerful beam of light. In fact, on a single charge you can swim and/or run around with this light for just under an hour and a half. And the reality that you can carry it in your pocket makes it a very compact and attractive piece of lighting equipment. We have always been fans of UK Pro’s diving accessories and the new Aqualite only reinforces our attitude about the Poway, California based company. Two different light modes give you the ability to concentrate your beam with the 20 degree mode for a more direct focus or the 90 degree mode for a broader ray. This baby puts out a 600 lumen beam when turned all the way up, which will definitely shed some light on those mermaids or any underwater treasure you are hoping to find.



FotoDiox Pro 120

It doesn’t get any better than having 120 Light emitting diodes at your GoPro’s disposal.  If you’re attempting to capitalize on some quality night vision footage, then look no further than the FotoDiox Pro 120 light and handle system.  With a color index rating this high it’s no wonder we are seeing night videos with so much definition and professional grade fluorescence. With an output that reaches 75 watts at full power the FotoDiox Pro will go for 3 hours on a single charge!  With the included hand grip you can attach your light and your GoPro for convenient lighting and filming. For the FotoDiox Pro 120 you’re looking at about a 120 dollar dent in your wallet, but the action shots you will be capturing will make it well worth your while.


Light For Me GoPro Lighting System 1800 Lumens

The double illumination power of the Light For Me portable lighting system grants you an output of 1,800 lumens; With 120 degrees of rotation, the Light For Me system greatly reduces burn spots in your filming and brings your cinematography to an incredible level. Light For Me's system comes with a GoPro compatible Goodman handle that allows you to screw in your camera and lights for a highly portable and practical illuminated recording unit. Weighing in at under 550 grams with everything attached, this is a very light weight unit that doesn’t sacrifice power.  Although the Light For Me system is one of the best ways to fully illuminate your situation. This system is going to cost you close to 600 bucks but it is immersive in up to 2 meters of water. Given that price if your primary use consists of exploring the bottom of your tub during nocturnal bubble baths we recommend you choose a different light. Only one downside to the Light For Me: The batteries are NOT included... sorry!



Knog Qudos 

The Autstralian company, Knog, was one of the very first to release a feature rich, competitively priced light for your GoPro action camera. The Qudos POV light has a solid aluminum casing, three different light modes specific to your intended activity, and brings 400 lumens to the idiomatic table.  Low and high settings are available for all three of the lighting modes; modes include Action Sports mode, target spot, and ambient, and are all pretty self explanatory.  The 1000 mAh lithium polymer battery will last for up to 4 hours if using the lower intensity modes and 45 minutes if left on Action Sports mode.  One of the most exciting features about the Qudos is that it is water proof for up to 40 meters. Although this is not the most powerful light on the market, we can appreciate the compact design; weighing only 150 grams and its waterproof construction.  The only set back we could find with the Knog qudosknog2Qudos was that it takes remarkably long to fully charge the battery; five to six hours, and drains way too fast. At 120 bucks we would expect a bit more efficiency in the field.



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