MET Parachute All-Mountain Full Face Bike Helmet Review


The Italians over at MET have discovered the secret to building a perfect all-mountain full face cycling helmet. The New Parachute HES utilizes MET’s Concept Nova3 virtual collision software.  This software allows the MET helmet engineers to put each of their hard hat designs through a variety of crash tests in order analyze just how much impact they can take, without having to smash ‘em up in the field.

Using virtual testing, MET is able to identify where specific improvements need to be made, and maximize design strength before they enter the manufacturing process.  Because of this theoretical evaluation, MET has been able to reduce helmet weight, optimize force dissemination, and maintain proper aerodynamics, delivering cyclists everywhere with a full face lid that looks great and performs even better. At 700 grams, you can’t find an enduro specific helmet any lighter. 


MET Parachute: The lightest Enduro Helmet ever!

The reason behind such a sublime weight is MET’s Homothetic Embedded Skeleton.  The HES strengthens the Parachute’s integrity without packing on the pounds.  In order to make the Parachute the strongest thing since Magnus Samuelsson, MET fuses the Parachute’s interior shell with the polycarbonate exterior.  And since the Homothetic embedded frame is there to hold it all together this becomes a brain fortress you know you can rely on.  Not only is the MET Parachute one of the safest full face bike helmets, it is also quite comfortable!  With Gel 02 anti allergenic front padding, the MET hard hat keeps perspiration away from your face and out of your eyes.  By keeping the head cool during those scorching summer rides, the MET Parachute maximizes comfort and performance.  Safe-T Smart is MET’s adjustable retention system.  By utilizing a micro adjustment dial, riders can achieve the perfect fit and not have to worry about their helmets shaking out of place during a rocky trail.  If you are looking for a downhill certified all mountain helmet chances are you’re riding will get pretty violent.


A MET Parachute CAN handle the truth!

To ensure that your helmet will handle the violence of a downhill trek, the Parachute features chin straps made from Kevlar. This ultra strong chin strap material is just one more layer of security that most helmet manufacturers often disregard.  But what good is a helmet if you can’t tether it to your head? The MET Parachute is both neck brace and goggle compatible but MET advises that you make sure to try your neck brace in combination with the Parachute before gunning it to the mountain, ensuring that you have proper head mobility and eliminating the risk of something going terribly wrong. If you are a fan of the Bell Super 2R but need something that is downhill certified, look no further than the MET Parachute All Mountain helmet! The chin guard is not removable like it is in the Super 2R but that only means that it protects your chin far more than the 2R.  At 300 bucks, this stylish lid has over five color options to choose from that wont dissapoint.  Your extreme trail riding will become so much more enjoyable after you avail yourself of the New MET Parachute!


MET Parachute Specifications

  • Product category : MTB all mountain.
  • Sizes : M 54 – 57cm ; L 58 – 61cm.
  • Weight : M 620 g, L 650 g.
  • Head Contact Surface (HCS) : 50%
  • Cooling Factor (CF) : 8
  • Certified EN 1078 and AS/NZS2063.

 Check back on at the end of January, 2015 for your chance at a new MET Parachute!



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