MET Parabellum All-Mountain Bike Helmet Review


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If you’re not willing to dish out the 3 bills for a MET Parachute, but would still like to have the security that goes along with the MET name, then check out the new MET Parabellum. The Parabellum opens things up for a bit more breathing room.  With one of the most thorough fit systems, the Parabellum is in contact with almost 98% of your head, dramatically reducing hot spots. 


MET Parabellum MTB Helmet

You may be thinking, “Wow that looks a lot like the Bell Super 2,” and you would be right. Yes, although the two do appear to be very similar, the Parabellum is actually 130 grams lighter at a mere 270 grams, yet the MET lid still packs all of the combative power. MET’s interactive virtual software allows them to play with different designs and materials to eliminate flaws before they get into the manufacturing process. This is how they are able to achieve such an ideal fit, such a low weight, and such superior strength.

 MET Parabellum MTB Helmet

The MET Parabellum is King of the Hill!

 With MET’s bomb shelter all-mountain helmet, the Parachute, downhill safety was the highest priority, but with the new Parabellum, safety finishes second (although still very important) just below ventilation.  By keeping the helmet in constant contact with a riders head, the MET Parabellum reduces helmet hot spots to zero.  Every part of your skull is exposed to fresh air giving you the coolest head on the mountain. The Italian made helmet has also been designed with a visor attachment to help keep the sun out of your eyes and a mount for your GoPro camera. MET’s HES (Homothetic Embedded Skeleton) system maximizes the strength of the Parabellum’s fused in-mold exterior and interior shells, providing a rider with ultimate impact dispersal.

MET Parabellum MTB Helmet

There is truly a ton of innovation jammed into the MET Parabellum.  All of which will help you ride like a pro as long as you’re using it for the proper scene. This is not a downhill certified helmet like its older brother, the MET Parachute.  It does have many of the same protective characteristics but don’t think that you can swap one out for the other and get the same neck saving results. The Parabellum has just recently been certified by the CPSC for trail riding and off roading; the main factor keeping it from American markets. At around 200 dollars, the MET Parabellum is pretty costly, but with all of the technology included as well as the ridiculous weight of this all mountain lid; we are surprised that it doesn’t cost more! If you're looking for something a bit cheaper or expect to be using your helmet for those not-so-dangerous trail riding the Bell Super 2 is a great alternative to the Parabellum.



MET Parabellum Specifications

  • Sizes and weights: M (54-58cm), 270g; L (59-62cm); 300g.
  • Gel 02 anti-allergenic front pad
  • Coolmax anti-allergenic interior pads
  • Safe-T smart retention system and one hand adjustment dial
  • Air Lite Straps
  • Over 12 MET chimney vents


Check back here in late January for your chance to own the brand new MET Parabellum MTB Helmet!


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