What is the difference between the Bell Super 2R and the MET Parachute HES?


When choosing a helmet for all-mountain or downhill riding you may ask yourself, what makes this helmet better from that one? Do I want a chin bar? What will I be losing if I don’t? What should I be looking for in terms of protective qualities? These are all good questions, but first you need to evaluate what specific type of riding you are going to be engaged in. All-mountain and downhill helmets are designed not only to protect you from a downhill tumble but also to provide excellent ventilation and comfort.  So the next time you’re surfing the net; looking for that perfect MTB lid, make sure to keep all of this in mind. Here we have two of the most exciting all-mountain helmets for 2015: Bell’s Super 2R and MET’s Parachute HES. And we’re here to tell you exactly which one is worth your time and why!


The everyday desires of your average off-road biker will not be satisfied by most of the lower end enduro helmets.  If you really want to perform at a high level you need a helmet that will give you optimal intelligence and ability. These two helmets equally maximize coverage and strength. The main difference between the Bell Super 2R and the MET Parachute begins with downhill certification.  The MET Parachute has just received AS/NZS2063 certification for downhill riding while the Super 2R is still without this major badge of off-road honor. 

 MET Parachute

In the category of ventilation the MET Parachute takes the top prize again. When we put the Parachute’s perfectly positioned vent system up against the Super 2R there was really no comparison.  MET’s system is clearly superior and left us with a brow far dryer than Bell had. The Super 2R is not incompetent when it comes to ventilation, but with the 100+ grams of added weight, the Bell helmet is a bit more laborious than the 620 gram MET hard hat and resulted in a large amount of perspiration.

 MET Parachute

There is no point in spending almost three bills purchasing a helmet that is not comfortable in transit.  Both of these sweet lids stack on the padding and are almost equal when it comes to comfort of fit. With the Parachute by MET, O2 Gel anti allergenic front padding directs sweat from your hair and forehead to the sides of your face, keeping it out of your eyes and off your glasses.  We can really appreciate this new MET patented Gel since our downhill rides have us at an angle that would send sweat streaming down the front of our faces. With the MET Parachute this problem is no longer an issue as no matter how hard you push yourself the sweat is always handled efficiently. The Bell Super 2R does not use a sweat directing pad but instead utilizes an overbrow sweat vent that pulls in air, quickly eliminating the gathered moisture on your forehead.

 MET Parachute HES inside

Fit and adjustability rank third on our list of the most important factors when choosing an All-Mountain hard hat. Bell’s speed dial fit system provides a great deal of adaptability and flexibility of fit. Bell has never been one to cut their retention systems short, and the Super 2R is a great example of just how much versatility Bell canprovide. The Safe-T Smart 2 system integrated into the MET Parachute HES grants riders with stability, reliability, and comfortability that can be adjusted to match your exact specifications and desires. Vertical adjustment is the icing on the cake allowing you to achieve a perfectly synchronized seating that enhances the Parachute’s venting system. The Bell super 2R comes with a removable chin guard but in the case of a fall this guard seems a bit flimsy and prone to breaking.

 bell super 2r

As for Style, both of these lids are remarkably handsome with their smooth contours and cool color combinations.  We prefer the Parachute’s daring design to Bell’s predictable and safe one but both are unique and offer each individual their own way to express themselves on the mountain. The Parachute will cost you about 250 bucks once it reaches the US while the Bell Super 2R is 200.  If you enjoy top quality performance and the added insurance of a downhill certification then the Parachute is exactly what you want; if youexpect to be pushing down grades less than 13% then the Bell Super 2R may be a better choice and less stress on the wallet. 


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