Best Bike Helmets with MIPS Impact Technology

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If you’re a cyclists that has not already heard everything there is to know about MIPS technology, now is probably a good time to take those ear muffs off, or better yet get a hearing aid because MIPS is everywhere.  Almost all of the reputable brands are making 2015 the year of the MIPS, and introducing this peripheral impact specialist into their most popular helmet designs. If you are completely oblivious to this funky acronym then you should ignore this post and start by reading this introductory course to the benefits that MIPS offers. If you are already knowledgeable in the art of MIPS, then take a look at the great helmet selection below, all of which will all be featuring the patented collision technology in 2015! Enjoy!

POC, POC Octal, POC helmets, POC MIPS, POC bike helmet

POC Octal

Two enormous Swedish authorities in one!? We know it sounds too good to be true but this is not a jest, people.  POC has decided to bring MIPS collision technology into their Octal and Octal Aero road bike helmets, ensuring that your protection is even more comprehensive than just POC’s unibody polycarbonate shell. The POC Octal already offers some pretty legitimate protection over your temples and the back of your head and now with surgeon and scientist recommended MIPS protection system, your brain could not be in better hands. With the release date coming closer and closer you can expect the demand for the POC Octal MIPS to be very high regardless of the 320 dollar price tag.  Check back at regularly as we are sure to be one of the first to carry the MIPS equipped Octal.

Giro Savant with MIPS

Giro Savant

Giro’s Savant road cycling helmet has always been a popular design from the company out of Santa Cruz.  This is by far the greatest deal on a MIPS equipped hard hat. And with a reputation like Giro’s it is a safe bet that this will be a top selling and big topic of helmet conversation in 2015.  At 110 dollars, who wouldn’t love the protection and style that the Giro Savant has to offer? The Savant’s illustrious standing leaves us without a lot to say;  Everyone already knows about the quality and dedication to safety that Giro delivers.  Grab this helmet and neither your head nor your wallet will regret it.

 MIPS, Scott Stego, Scott Helmets

Scott Stego

The Scott Stego obviously gets that name from its Jurassic appearance. This stylish innovative Scott lid guarantees protection on the most technical trails.  Like the POC Octal, the Stego ensures that the most important parts of you head are protected. And now with the addition of MIPS collision technology, you can rest easy knowing that the Scott Stego will keep your brain intact. As one of the heavier helmets on this list, the Stego utilizes a thick polycarbonate outer shell and has been engineered to support the most vulnerable of your head and neck. It is 216 dollars to own this beauty. Once you get past the large profile and the platypus bill, the Stego is actually a very decent helmet with many factors that will increase its popularity in 2015!

Smith Overtake, MIPS, Smith Helmets, Best Mips helmet Smith Overtake

Smith’s newest road bike helmet, the Overtake, already utilizes some very advanced protective technology in their patented Koroyd honeycomb construction.  By adding MIPS, this very well may be the safest helmet design on the market. The absorbing properties that the Koroyd structure delivers dramatically reduce the energy that reaches your skull, and with MIPS’s help, the Overtake should relieve any anxieties you have about hurting your noggin during a crash. The Smith Overtake is highly ventilated, and Smith has jammed it full of futuristic road bike style. Coming to in November of 2014 we expect a price tag somewhere around $290 with the added MIPS insurance. 

 Kask, Kask Protone, Protone, MIPS,

Kask Protone

Kask’s attempt at a MIPS lid has brought us the Protone road bike helmet.  At 300 dollars this hard hat will become available in the beginning of 2015.  The Protone features a avery bold design that you will either absolutely love or absolutely hate no matter how far it goes in the protection category. Kask has built a very impressive shock absorbing shell for the Protone and they have reinforced their frame to make sure that the light weight helmet doesn’t disintegrate during a high impact tumble. I don’t know if I would fork over the 300 bills to sport this questionable design, but if you think you can pull it off, this is a very light weight, highly ventilated and comfortable helmet from a very reputable company.

 Bell, Bell Star Pro, MIPS, Bell Helmets,  Bell Star Pro

The Star Pro is receiving tons of hype as Bell’s newest aerodynamic innovation. By using softer and lower density foam against your head and harder foam for the exterior, the Star Pro’s structure already does plenty to diffuse energy during an impact. Bringing MIPS into the picture will only heighten the superiority of this new Bell design.  The low profile style not only reduces drag but is also great to look at, which is why we see it having a very prominent future. We would expect the MIPS to interfere with Bell’s enhanced fit system but we saw no difference in performance or comfort. The newest Bell design was highlighted at this years Tour De France and saw quite a bit of success adorning the heads of team Belkin. The Star Pro features a very nifty magnetic eye shield that can be easily snapped on or off with little struggle. Check back with us in mid November for your chance at owning this super smooth road bike lid.


To purchase any of these helmets just click on their linked picture. If the picture has no link, then the world is still awaiting release. Choose wisely and remember; patience is a virtue...


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