GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Review


The mounts and harnesses that GoPro has introduced to the world deliver an incredible amount of function and practical application.  From Quadcopters to Surfboard Mounts there is no limit to what you can do with your GoPro Action Camera.  The only thing GoPro left out was in the realm of animals, but now with the introduction of their new harness "the Fetch," you can strap your new GoPro Hero 3+ right to your dogs back and let your pooch off the leash to capture some phenomenal footage that lets him do all of the.


The Fetch GoPro Dog harness is the first ever functional dog mount.  Quickly strap this on your puppy’s back and you are ready to dive into the world of canine adventure. The GoPro Fetch Harness was made to fit dogs between 15 and 120 pounds, and the adjustable straps give you the customizing ability to fit the fetch on any dog in between; ensuring that your pooch remains comfortable is the name of the game with the Fetch harness.  Padding covers every inch of the hard plastic so your little rover wont even know it’s there.


For bigger dogs you can attach the chest mount and get 2 angles of extreme dog action. In the case that your pup gets a little too rambunctious, the harness is made of washer friendly material that doesn’t take much work to clean. Easy release bases allow your camera to easily break free of their mounts as to avoid any injury to your camera. If you’ve ever gotten tired of filming a family vaction or wanted a brand new perspective to filming a wedding or event, then the Fetch Dog Harness is the perfect GoPro mount for you! You can use this bad boy in every possible condition; snow, sleat, rain, or wind the Fetch dog harness can handle it all! The GoPro Fetch Harness retails at $59.99 which is a great deal considering its durable and functional design. With the Fetch Dog Harness now even your Dog can be a hero!

Coming to in late September!


GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Features

  • Capture the world from a Canine perspective
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Padding keeps Fido comfortable
  • Fits dogs from 15 to 120 pounds
  • Two mounting options for either back or chest view
  • Included Tether ensures that your camera doesn't get lost in all the excitement

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