What is the Best Case for GoPro Hero 4?


Adventure seekers all around the world, looking to take their action home to their big screen TVs, have reached a new level of infatuation with the quality and performance of GoPro cameras.  The GoPro Hero 4 is the newest design from the world famous brand and not in bad taste since it contains some of the most advanced features the world has ever seen. The GoPro Hero 4 is quickly making strides to become the most popular, and exciting, action camera of our time. If you are wondering how exactly you are going to carry this wonderful piece of filming equipment around with you, without putting it up against anymore risk, worry no more because we have all the information you need about which cases will keep your camera in the clear. For more info about the GoPro Hero 4, check out our extensive post about all of the features that make this camera so phenomenal. Or, if you are trying to ensure your GoPro Hero3+’s safety then check out this post about all of the best cases for your Hero3+. Below we have chosen what we believe to be the five best cases for your new GoPRo Hero 4. They are all waterproof, extremely protective, and have an abundance of interior space for bringing anything you can think of along for the heroic ride. These cases will let you be a Hero in ways you could have never imagined. Enjoy!

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What is the Difference Between the GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ Cameras?

The difference between GoPro HERO 4 and 3+

Since GoPro released the Hero 4 cameras, I've gotten quite a few requests by my friends and readers to highlight the major upgrades and overall differences of the new and old models. You've seen our original which GoPro to buy article help many of us with all of the camera models, but in this post I'd like to focus on the newest of the new. The GoPro Hero 3+ cameras were only released in October of 2013, so a lot of people were bummed if they had recently purchased the 3+ and didn't even know about the 4! They've also released a new budget-friendly option simply called the HERO which we'll also highlight. In our opinion, the 3+ is still a very solid choice (if they remain available), but the Hero 4's have been greatly improved in numerous areas, particularly with the Black Edition's supporting 4k cinema and 30fps. In terms of the absolute best to buy? We've come to a conclusion that you may not have expected. Let's go by edition by edition first.

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Zeal Goggles Review & Information: Forecast, Tramline & Voyager

 Zeal goggle review, new zeal goggles, zeal optics

Zeal’s brand new winter line of 2015 snowboard ski goggles just arrived at our doorstep.  To say that we are excited doesn’t even come close to the emotions we are feeling about this sexy looking lineup.  The Zeal Forecast, Zeal Tramline, and Zeal Voyager are all awesome, not only in their look, but in their ergonomic specifications and their impressive comfort qualities. Zeal’s imagination has really taken shape in the form of these new optical solutions. To say that these Zeal goggles have zeal may be redundant but WE DON’T CARE! There is just no other way to put it. We love these new snow goggles and we know that you will enjoy them as well. Trust me, you’re gonna want to check these out...

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Best Bike Helmets with MIPS Impact Technology

MIPS, MIPS Helmets, MIPS Technology, MIPS Safety

If you’re a cyclists that has not already heard everything there is to know about MIPS technology, now is probably a good time to take those ear muffs off, or better yet get a hearing aid because MIPS is everywhere.  Almost all of the reputable brands are making 2015 the year of the MIPS, and introducing this peripheral impact specialist into their most popular helmet designs. If you are completely oblivious to this funky acronym then you should ignore this post and start by reading this introductory course to the benefits that MIPS offers. If you are already knowledgeable in the art of MIPS, then take a look at the great helmet selection below, all of which will all be featuring the patented collision technology in 2015! Enjoy!

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What is the difference between the Bell Super 2R and the MET Parachute HES?


When choosing a helmet for all-mountain or downhill riding you may ask yourself, what makes this helmet better from that one? Do I want a chin bar? What will I be losing if I don’t? What should I be looking for in terms of protective qualities? These are all good questions, but first you need to evaluate what specific type of riding you are going to be engaged in. All-mountain and downhill helmets are designed not only to protect you from a downhill tumble but also to provide excellent ventilation and comfort.  So the next time you’re surfing the net; looking for that perfect MTB lid, make sure to keep all of this in mind. Here we have two of the most exciting all-mountain helmets for 2015: Bell’s Super 2R and MET’s Parachute HES. And we’re here to tell you exactly which one is worth your time and why!

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MET Parabellum All-Mountain Bike Helmet Review


MET, MET parabellum, MET helmets, All mountain helmet, MTB,

If you’re not willing to dish out the 3 bills for a MET Parachute, but would still like to have the security that goes along with the MET name, then check out the new MET Parabellum. The Parabellum opens things up for a bit more breathing room.  With one of the most thorough fit systems, the Parabellum is in contact with almost 98% of your head, dramatically reducing hot spots. 

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MET Parachute All-Mountain Full Face Bike Helmet Review


The Italians over at MET have discovered the secret to building a perfect all-mountain full face cycling helmet. The New Parachute HES utilizes MET’s Concept Nova3 virtual collision software.  This software allows the MET helmet engineers to put each of their hard hat designs through a variety of crash tests in order analyze just how much impact they can take, without having to smash ‘em up in the field.

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Best Light for GoPro- What is the best light for your GoPro Camera?


Are your GoPro videos way too dark? If you want to get a bit more detail in your night recordings you may need to shine some light on the situation. Although there are infinitely many lights to choose from online, through some very dedicated research we were able to narrow it down to the top 5! Here’s our list of the best lights for land or sea based on performance, durability, and functionality. Enjoy!

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GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Review


The mounts and harnesses that GoPro has introduced to the world deliver an incredible amount of function and practical application.  From Quadcopters to Surfboard Mounts there is no limit to what you can do with your GoPro Action Camera.  The only thing GoPro left out was in the realm of animals, but now with the introduction of their new harness "the Fetch," you can strap your new GoPro Hero 3+ right to your dogs back and let your pooch off the leash to capture some phenomenal footage that lets him do all of the.

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Vittoria Ikon Road Bike Shoe Review


Strength, style, solace, and size are the four S’s that the Italian company, Vittoria cycling gear has come to live by. Optimizing and integrating these keys to success into their brand new cycling shoe, the Ikon, has led them to create the most impressive footwear we have ever seen.  Not only are they remarkable to look at but their on-road performance is imitable and their comfort of fit is truly unparalleled. We've had the special chance to grab a pair of these before anybody in the world and have put them through the ringer in order to see what the Ikons are all about.

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