Top 10 Best Kid’s Snow Helmets for 2015

kids snow helmets 2015

It can be a tricky process deciding which snow helmet is right for your little shredder. With a sea of children’s options to choose from, researching features, sizes, and styles is the only way to guarantee that your little tyke will be protected. Lucky for you we’ve already done the research. This review of the Top 10 Kid’s Snow Helmets delivers a comprehensive report of the features and designs that make these the absolute best helmets on the market. We like to believe that the majority of Parents understand the critical importance of safeguarding a young skull. If safety parameters aren’t the first thing you’re scrutinizing in your child’s helmet then you should seriously reevaluate your qualifications for Parenthood.  As far as is concerned safety holds precedence over all other features. Our 10 Best List consists solely of the safest and most dependable hard hats on the market.  We don’t mess around when it comes to protection, and these helmets have the capabilities to ensure that your mini skier’s head stays out of danger as he gets accustomed to unfamiliar Mountain Physics. So that your little one can continue to embrace the dynamic lifestyle they've grown to love. 

kids snow helmets 20155

Ceaseless change is Life’s one abiding constant. Why choose a ski helmet that does not evolve with the incessant changes of life? The average child’s head grows 2 centimeters a year during the ages of 2 to 15, so unless you want to be buying a new helmet every 6 months we suggest that you check out our list. Every one of these snow helmets incorporates its own massive adjustment system, allowing them to grow with your child until he or she is ready to upgrade to an adult lid. The enhanced safety features and adaptability of these 10 Kids Snow Helmets are enough to easily persuade the majority of competent adults, but to convince the children that these are ideal helmets takes a lot more than safety numbers and an adaptable fit. The biggest complaint we've heard from youngsters on the slopes is that their helmets are no where near comfortable enough. Well, all 10 of the helmets on our list utilize ultra soft interior liners, and have been highly praised by our research team of Third and Fourth grade snow enthusiasts. On top of comfort, little shredders also covet a flashy design with tons of artistic appeal. These 10 helmets have transcended the market for Snow and Ski, outshining all the rest when it comes to our four fundamental criteria:  Safety, versatility, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. These are skid lids that can be equivalently appreciated by young and old. Here is our list of the Top 10 Best Snow and Ski Helmets for 2015! Hope you enjoy!

best kids ski helmets 2015 launch

Giro Launch

Topping off our list of the 10 Best is the 2015 Giro Launch. The Giro Launch offers uncompromising strength and durability, all in a lightweight package. Parents will love the security that the polycarbonate shell provides, and by marrying the outer shell with the impact absorbing internal foam liner the Launch ski helmet can easily endure its fair share of back country beatings. To achieve the perfect glove like fit, Giro fuses their in-form adjustment system together with their patented vertical tuning; making the search for an ideal fit only a few clicks away! The Super Cool vents provide the Giro Launch with all of the fresh air you could need, plus, the cozy interior padding does an excellent job of reducing both helmet irritation and helmet vibration. Your son or daughter is sure to fall in love with the Giro Launch; especially after they see the overflow of color options. We expect Giro to launch the Launch later this year with a very reasonable price tag of $60.

best kids ski helmets 2015 Nine jr

Giro Nine Jr. 

Giro has once again made a bold statement with their introduction of the new Giro Nine Jr. snow helmet. Giro’s claim that the Nine Jr. is, “the best kid’s helmet ever made,” can be looked at as either very pretentious or extremely brave. At first we were skeptical, heavily leaning toward pretentious, but after testing out Giro’s new brain bucket, we have found a new appreciation for the Nine’s graceful design. The remarkably ethereal impression we got from holding the helmet was far from what we had expected. Surly a helmet as light as the Nine Jr. could not possibly cope with our aggressive collision course; but, surprisingly, the new Giro lid thrust its way through the obstacles without hesitation. Forced to rescind our previous statement relating to pretentiousness, we have now changed our opinion of Giro to one of extreme heroism.  This is an all around great crash cap the engineers at Giro have committed their blood, sweat, and tears to constructing the perfect helmet and it looks like they’ve come mighty close.  Expected retail price of $90

best kids ski helmets 2015 pocito

POC Pocito Skull Light

POC has always been at the forefront of helmet safety. The POCito Skull Light is one of our favorite head sheds for kids because of POC’s innovative engineering. The Skull light has all the tech that goes into POC’s adult lids except it has been redesigned and specialized for the low speeds of the bunny slopes.  The multi-impact EPP liner guarantees that this helmet will handle everything your child can throw at it, and POC’s comprehensive fitting system means that your child won’t grow out of the helmet after 6 months.  Soft LD foam interior lining and ear pads allow for a comfortable fit and increased hearing ability during their gnarly shred. Since children tend to slip and fall on their rears a lot, the backside of the helmet is the built to be the strongest part of the helmet. Reinforcing it with an Aramid penetration barrier maintains that your kid’s brain doesn’t take all the stress when whip lash strikes. The POCito is definitely one of our favorites and after testing it out with the appropriate demographic we’ve heard similar satisfaction. Plus the bright reflective colors make it super easy to pick out your kids in that sea of black and gray hard hats. 

best kids ski helmets 2015 angry birds

Smith Zoom Jr. Angry Birds

With the ever increasing popularity of the Angry Birds Application we have seen a world wide movement to put the illustrious bird logo on everything from shirts and socks to action figures, and now Smith Optics has placed an angry bird on its classic Zoom helmet as an appeal to youngins everywhere.  Sporting an angry bird’s lid may be a genius move in getting little kids to helmet up with their favorite flightless birds. Parents everywhere will also be very happy correlating those whimsical graphics with the safety of their child. Looking past the silly design, the Zoom Jr. has long been an admired hard hat in Smith’s catalogue.  This Half Shell design is brilliantly constructed with polycarbonate material to give the helmet uncompromising strength.  Smith’s AirEvac 2 ventilates using both internal and external liners giving you all the protection with out the sweaty helmet head. Smith’s fit system will provide so much room for growth that it will still fit your mini grom long after the Angry Birds craze is dead.

best kids ski helmets 2015 upstart

Smith Upstart Jr.

This full shell helmet from the ski style experts at Smith is the best combination of rad style and intense safety. Smith’s Upstart brings together the classic bombshell ski helmet feel with 21st century engineering that will leave your miniature skier begging to get back out on the slopes. The shaggy soft fleece of the Upstart’s Tricoat lining provides a comfortable fit despite the full ear coverage. With Smith’s youth helmets you know they will be fully compatible with all winter optic wear. The goggle lock on the backside of the helmet ensures they won’t lose their goggles in the event that your lil shredder takes a spill and you can count on Smith's patented AirEvac ventilaton to quickly oust the heat around his or her noggin. The only downside we could find with the Upstart is that the full shell design restricts your peripheral vision slightly. Not a deal breaker though as we still really like everything else about this noggin guard. 

 best kids ski helmets 2015 galaxycosmm

Smith Galaxy/Cosmos

It doesn't get any better than a package deal you know will last you more than one winter.  The Smith Galaxy/Cosmos combo pack delivers you with a practical solution to your search for the right goggle-helmet alliance.  The Cosmos Junior helmet has goggle integration mounts so that your snow optics are never too far out of reach.  Smith’s air flow climate control provides superior ventilation on warm days, and when the weather begins to turn frosty use the included vent plugs to keep the heat bottled up. The value and functionality of the Smith Cosmos/Galaxy are what bring it to our list of the best. It brings together a stylish design any miniature grom can appreciate, with safety and reliability that will make you very pleased with your purchase.

best kids ski helmets 2015 b-kid

Bolle B-Kid 

This ultra light weight children’s helmet combines Bolle’s iconic style with an abundance of protection. The B-Kid does a great job of protecting your little shredders noodle. This noggin guard from Bolle contains a padded liner that is not only super comfy it is also hypoallergenic and easily detachable, for hassle-free cleaning. The click to fit adjustment system means that any kid is capable of pulling of the Bolle look. Although this helmet comes in pretty low on our list, after checking out the sleek designs that Bolle offers, we had to include it.  Take your B level riding up a letter grade with the B-Kid Helmet by Bolle!

best kids helmet 2015 vault

Giro Vault 

Giro’s Vault youth snow helmet is the epitome of style and comfort. From the brim to the butt this skate inspired lid will perform no matter how brutal the weather.  The ABS hard shell construction provides protection from even the roughest impact, and although your kids won’t be hitting those black diamond slopes just yet you’ll be glad that this helmet can hold its own.  Your little snow star will be pumped at the chance to wear a Giro Vault.  A helmet that kids want to wear; what a concept!


K2 Illusion

The Illusion helmet by K2 is leagues ahead of your typical winter brain bucket. K2 has flooded the Illusion with aesthetic appeal, and a super comfy dialed fit system for kids and parents to enjoy equally. The Illusion’s liner is the best in class. The comfort of its full wrap lining is no illusion. Goggle retention locks on the top of the helmet ensure that you never lose your eye wear to bumpy condition. Top of the line ventilation keeps the wind in your hair so your little athlete wont over heat on the hill.  This helmet is so jam packed with amenity you may decide against giving it to your kid, and just keep it for yourself.  


Bern Nina/Nino

The seasoned safety engineers at Bern have taken their zip mold injection liner and implanted it into their classic Nino crash cap for children.  If you think that affordable helmets dont have the full span of safety features that you would find in a 100 dollar plus model then think again. The Bern Nino, for boys, and Nina, for girls, are hard hats that never compromise on safety, and although your children may only reach speeds of 15 mph its good to know your helmet is ready for anything.

Girls Click here to check out the NINA

Boys Click Here to take a look at the NINO


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