RinseKit Portable Shower SystemRinseKit Portable Shower System
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RinseKit Portable Shower System

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The one-of-a-kind RinseKit is a portable, pressurized shower that offers seven different variations of spray from a powerful jet stream to a gentle, soaking shower. Taking only 20 seconds to fill, the RinseKit’s two gallon eon pressure chamber lasts about four minutes of continuous pressurized spray.

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RinseKit Portable Shower System At A Glance

Whether you are rinsing off a sandy wetsuit after a long day of surfing, a muddy dog from the dog park, showering while camping, or just watering your plants at home, the one-of-a-kind RinseKit is the way to go. The RinseKit is a portable, lightweight rinse system that features a two gallon pressure chamber that offers seven different variations from jet stream to a gentle shower. Capable of maintaining pressure for up to a month, the two gallon eon pressure chamber fills in just 20 seconds flat and allows for up to four minutes of continuous pressurized spray time! Complete with a 7 setting hose nozzle, 6’ hose, hose adapter, an on/off valve, and a quick connect for easy refilling, the RinseKit ensures that you are ready for optimal performance when you purchase one. Also included is a removable lid that allows the user to stand on to avoid contact with the dirty, sandy grounds while rinsing off. The RinseKit’s unique design has no moving parts and can be refilled an infinite number of times with either hot or cold water.


Simply remove the hose nozzle from the hose using the quick connect. Attach the hose adapter to an outdoor water spigot. Connect the hose to the hose adapter, open the flow lever to on and you are ready for filling. After about 20 seconds, your RinseKit should be full.  Close the flow lever to the off position and disconnect the hose from the hose adapter using the quick connect. Reattach the hose nozzle to the hose, open the flow lever and you are ready for action.


When draining, make sure to completely remove all of the pressure by squeezing the spray nozzle handle. A metal locking spray mechanism is included for continuous spraying. Once the pressure is completely released, unscrew the drain plug. Once the plug is removed, tip the RinseKit upside down until all the water is drained. When your RinseKit is completely empty, replace the drain plug and tighten securely. For optimal performance, completely drain your RinseKit every 15 uses.

Included Accessories:

Hose Nozzle: Heavy duty metal nozzle with 7 different spray patterns (full shower, jet, mist, flood, cone, flat, and center spray).

Hose: A six foot Nylon-braided hose that is super durable and can withstand hot or cold water.

Hose Adapter: The hose bib adapter that fits directly on your outdoor spigot to connect to your RinseKit’s hose.

On/Off Valve: Works in conjunction with the Quick Connect and allows the user to easily turn on and off the water flow to the hose nozzle.

Quick Connect: Connects and disconnects from the hose nozzle or the hose adapter with a quick snap.

Features and Specs:

2 Gallon Eon Pressure Chamber

65 psi

7 Stream Variations

Built-In Fish Measuring Ruler

Folding Handler for Easier Carrying

Removable Lid to Stand on For Changing

6 Foot Hose

Hose Bib Adapter

On/Off Valve

Quick Connect System



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