Protecting your brain just got a whole lot easier. By separating the interior liner from the shell, MIPS technology has changed the ways in which a helmet ensures safety. Most helmets are tested through vertical drops and impacts, when in reality this is not the way crashes take place. If you expect every fall to be a straight, vertical impact, well, you're in for a surprise. Anyone who has pushed themselves a little harder on a bicycle knows that after putting enough stress on a bike, or anything for that matter, failures tend to occur. As invincible as your bicycle may seem, sooner or later that chain is going to crack. In the event that it sends you flying, MIPS can now ensure that it is only the chain that needs replacing, and not your head.

Multi-directional impact testing is the only way to ensure you are protected from concussions, or worse. A traumatized child may never regain their confidence to ride after sustaining the whip lash of a fall. For developing children, the air cushion that MIPS provides could be the deciding factor to whether they decide to ever get back up on their horse or bike again. Although preventing crashes is not humanly possible, POC has given us a way to ease into the blow.

Most of us will never forget those childhood bike rides along the beach. Our hair swimming in the wind and the taste of the salty deep on our taste buds.  Moments like these will ring forever in our hearts, so as a parent, investing in a way to protect those memories, and the brain that stores them, is of paramount importance.  MIPS is your answer.