About Smith Optics


When Robert Smith decided to trade in his cheek retractors and impression trays for a pair of goggles the winter sports community could have never conceived that an orthodontist was about to turn their entire world upside down. With the start of Smith optics in 1965, Bob Smith, set out to improve and redesign the world's preconception of efficient snow goggles. Smith's idea came from being in constant contact with the mouths of others. While trying to reduce the fog on his orthodontic glasses he quickly realized that this was the same obstacle being faced by skiers and snowboarders everywhere. By introducing a dual lens design and air-flow ventilation system Smith was able to prevent pesky fog that is an inevitable byproduct of when you're putting it all on the line and shaving that fresh powder. This state-of-the-art design immediately put Smith Optics on the map and has kept them transcending the competition for 50 years. Smith is a brand with international appeal while giving you the very best in visual acuity, regardless of the inclement atmospheric conditions. As they continue to expand their brand Smith now offer their own line snow helmets for Skiing and Boarding, while also creating the future of sunglass lenses with their cutting-edge Smith Chromapop polarization. These revolutionary Smith lenses brag that they deliver pure color clearer than any lenses currently on the market and after checking them out for myself I would have to agree one hundred percent. The geniuses at Smith Optics have decorously comingled the ideal number of dominant and complementary wavelengths within the Smith Chromapop lenses, enhancing the brains ability to interpret colors to an experience similar to witnessing a double rainbow.


The newly designed Smith IO7 Goggles have yet to appear on the market but we were granted a sneak peak into the soon to be best selling goggles of 2015. Smith is pulling out all stops with these ingeniously arranged goggles that give the rider the ability to replace their lenses with a single hook clip rather than two which is highlighted on all of Smith's existing goggle models. They have also introduced a distinct Smith articulated strap design that enables riders to maneuver their head strap to wherever their personal sweet spot is. Smith gave this goggle the largest possible spherical lens extending your field of vision to an unmatched extreme and this is why the Smith IO7 will be the must have goggle of 2015.


The IO, IOS, and IOX are still the epitome of luxury goggles and the various styles and colors gives you the ability to find a style that you love without breaking bad on your budget. Bring the many replacement lenses into the picture and you can mix and match to build whatever your imagination can elect.


The versatility in Smith optics eyewear is what keeps them at the industry forefront. Snow or shine Smith is guaranteed to eclipse your wildest expectations bringing together a style all their own while introducing innovative and unparalleled technologies that will stay in vogue for years to come!


As if creating fantastic eyewear isn't enough the Smith Snow helmet comes in an overabundance of tasty designs and colors that are sure to tickle your fancy.  Every Smith helmet includes ear pockets for their direct connect head phones which were all specially created in collusion with SkullCandy Electronics.  You can even go wireless with the Smith and SkullCandy Bluetooth kit, perfect for unplugging your self from the chaos of life and shredding some fresh powder on your favorite black diamond trail!


Adding prescription glasses to the Smith catalogue has allowed them to tap into a previously unexplored demographic of individuals that need corrective lenses.  With the classic fervor of Smiths styles for both men and women you are bound to find a size and type that will not only have every head turning when you walk in the room but also grant you the ability to see it happen. If you are looking for a way to maximize optical performance take a glimpse into the future of ocular equipment with Smith Optics!