Vittoria Ikon Road Bike Shoe Review


Strength, style, solace, and size are the four S’s that the Italian company, Vittoria cycling gear has come to live by. Optimizing and integrating these keys to success into their brand new cycling shoe, the Ikon, has led them to create the most impressive footwear we have ever seen.  Not only are they remarkable to look at but their on-road performance is imitable and their comfort of fit is truly unparalleled. We've had the special chance to grab a pair of these before anybody in the world and have put them through the ringer in order to see what the Ikons are all about.


Main features of the Vittoria Ikon shoe

  • VShoe4Retail price: $500
  • Weight: 229 grams (size 41)
  • Colors available: Orange, white, green
  • Signature VIttoria Italian make
  • Uppers: Microfiber Soft Touch, minimal sewing
  • Advance One frame technology
  • SSP Fastening System for easy and comfortable fitting
  • US Carbon sole for help with Speedplay pedals
  • Performance insole
  • Available November 2014, pre-order available now

To achieve a fit this comfortable, Vittoria has used a microfiber soft touch fabric that adjusts to the shape of your foot and doesn’t restrict your natural range of motion.  Mechanical functionality has to be a top priority if you’re trying to design superior cycling shoes, and Vittoria’s attention to this detail is why we can confidently call these the highest quality road shoes on the market. The medium sized Ikon’s weigh in at 229 grams, which is noticeably lighter than Sidi’s Wire Carbon Vent shoes (293 grams.)

As for fit dynamics it is tough to distinguish between the two because they are both very comfortable and utilize almost identical uppers, but the Ikon’s definitely felt a tad snugger and more intimate than Sidi’s pair. These shoes are uniquely ventilated through a process of micro perforation that allows air to surround your bunions and then quickly escape. To ensure that the Ikon’s stay on your feet Vittoria has integrated their patented SPP micrometrics closure system. The micrometrics system is a way for Vittoria to guarantee that you get the exact fit desired. 


The Ikons range in sizes from 38 to 48 while also available in half sizes up to 41.5. Where  colors are concerned, Vittoria has made these superior shoes in 3 different stylish hues: Highlighter Orange, Pearl White, and Incredible Hulk Green. The $499 price tag may be a bit off putting for some of you but if you’re dedicated to high quality and high performance then you know it is well worth the 5 bills.



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