Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015

Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015

As we creep closer to the 2015 snowboard/ski season more and more brands are unveiling what they believe to be the most innovative and toughest helmets on the market. After listening to all of the claims we have compiled our own list of what we believe to truly be the most exceptional helmets of this fall season. Here are's top 10 picks!! Click any of the pictures to take you directly to the buy it now screen.



Smith Vantage

The light weight and optimized ventilation of the redesigned Vantage ski helmet are only a couple of reasons why we have chosen it to be the best snow helmet of 2015. With a weight of only 440 grams, the Vantage’s weight equates to about four and a half king sized Hershey bars. If that’s not sweet enough, then the 21 adjustable vents and pristine fit are sure to convince you. The advanced protective attributes of the Vantage begin with Smith’s new Aerocore technology. By utilizing the energy absorption and breathability of a Koroyd endoskeleton the Aerocore technology allows the Vantage helmet to absorb 30% more energy than your regular ski helmet, and protects without preventing air circulation to your dome. Wear this helmet on your climbs through the back country and be amazed at your lack of perspiration. The Vantage helmet is best used for Downhill, Half Pipe, Park, Racing, Skiing, and obviously Snowboarding, but it might also be used on scouting hikes to protect you from falling pinecones. On top of all of these features, Smith also included the EPS liner in order to tune out to some rad beats while on the trail. These helmets are compatible with almost every type of goggle and glasses, which is helpful because after spending this much on a new helmet the last thing you want to do is splurge on new goggles. At $220 the Vantage is by far the best helmet for snow and ski; with that being said, not all of us have the cash flow to afford something in the 200 range. But it is definitely worth the premium quality. Those of you on a budget should continue reading... we're sure you'll find something closer to your financial faculties.


Smith Variance

The second Smith helmet to make it onto our 10 Best List is the Variance. The Smith Variance has many of the safety features that are included in the Vantage minus the added protection of a Koroyd polymer skeleton, but the hybrid shell construction and the fly weight in-mold technology will still perform exponentially better than most snow helmets today. Making sure the heat doesn’t get too intolerable are 18 adjustable air vents. Although they are smaller than the vents of the Vantage, the additional climate control system also recycles the air trapped inside your skid lid, so it does have some degree of temperature regulation. With the Variance you still get a comfortable fit and light weight that the Smith name is synonymous with, and at $180 although it’s not the cheapest on our list, you won’t find a helmet of this quality and performance durability at anything lower than $180. You pay for what you get, and cheap IS cheap! 


Giro Edit

Giro’s Edit Snow Helmet for 2015 may very well be the best helmet Giro has ever created. Giro has added a place to mount your GoPro directly on the front of the helmet. Designed specifically for the Edit the GoPro mount allows you to capture POV action without the risk of losing your camera to a low hanging branch. Giro knows how quickly your helmet can start to build those unwanted odors, by introducing X-static padding to the inside of the Edit they are able to give you an anti bacterial, comfortable way to eliminate that stench with ease.  The fit of the Edit is as true to size as you can get, snug without cutting off any circulation and still gives your skull some breathing room. As a half shell helmet they could have been more conscious of how exposed this helmet leaves your temples.  The soft ear flaps don’t do much for protection but they do have inserts for your helmet compatible speakers.  I mean if you’re going to take a spill wouldn’t you rather fall to your own personal soundtrack? 


 Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015 3

Giro Seam

Looking for an all-mountain helmet that will both perform and look stylish for men and women?  Then the Seam is exactly what you need. The name seems a bit ironic considering that this helmet is a seamless blend of safety, comfortability, and ventilation.  The 12 super cool vents will certainly protect you from your sultry summer surroundings or if it’s too cold to function close the adjustable vents and conserve as much heat as you can with insulating X-static Giro padding.  Another feature that we find very interesting is the Stack vent located on the brim of the helmet.  This vent eliminates lens fog by drawing warm air away from your goggles and exhausting it out of your brim keeping your vision unclouded. Goggle integration has never been a problem with the Seam as it looks to be compatible with almost every brand of goggles and/or glasses. The only reoccurring complaint we have seen with the Seam is with an excess of wind noise due to the pitch and angle of the helmet’s brim.  $160


 Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015 6

Bern Carbon Fiber Watts

In direct competition with the Giro Seam, the Bern Carbon Fibre Watts claims to look better on women then it does on men, and the unisex design is also advertised as an all-season all-activity helmet.  Using the carbon fibre construction this helmet may be the strongest helmet on the list but with the downplayed ventilation this skid lid will protect you from gravity but the Sun is a horse of a different color. Be careful with this helmet if you plan on staying out in the heat, too much time under the sun may bake your bean!  Removing the EPS liner will make the helmet a bit cooler but nothing dramatic.  Although Bern publicizes the Carbon Fibre as an all-season helmet summer cycling or skating is probably not going to be the best decision you’ve ever made. I recommend The Carbon Fibre for strictly skiing and snowboarding.


 Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015 7


Giro Discord

The Newly redesigned Giro Discord is the ideal crash cap for both freestyle and back country boarding. By utilizing the incredible flexibility of Giro’s Soft Shell Construction, the Discord has been designed to absorb both high energy and low energy impacts. The resilience of the Discord is unmatched and we have no doubt that this is the most durable helmet on the market. Looking inside the Discord we have the patented Vinyl Nitrile foam liner providing rigid head support that won’t lose strength over time. The unique Auto Loc 2 microfit system keeps the helmet snug without cutting off circulation, and still gives your skull some room to breath. Thermostat venting gives you complete control over air circulation, and the Stack vent located on the brim of the helmet eliminates unwanted fog from your goggles. These features plus the comfort and aesthetic design make the Discord one of our favorite Snow helmets for 2015. 

Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015 8

POC Skull Orbic Comp H.I. MIPS

Dominating POC’s fall lineup of arctic crash caps we have the POC Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS Ski/Racing helmet. The Orbic was presented one of 5 prestigious “Gear of the show” awards at this year’s SIA Snow Show, and given the bar setting standard of performance it is no wonder why. The universally desired MIPS technology incorporated in the Orbic makes it quite superior in safety compared to other MIP-less helmets on the market, and the aero design and fabrication offer riders the most advanced snow helmet POC has ever made.  By introducing EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) and the H.I. (helmet integrity) sensor system, the Orbic remains tenacious during impacts and alsohas the ability to tell you when it can no longer be trusted to protect. Small sensors throughout the liner of the Orbic compile and evaluate deformations that occur to your lid, once the helmet has had enough, the green light that confirms defendability changes to red; meaning it’s time to invest in a new one. 


Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015 9

Poc Fornix Beats by Dre

 You’ll be chomping at the bit at a chance to saddle up with the new POC Fornix. The New POC skid lid has all of the safety and performance features that the guys in the POC Lab have perfected with the unparalleled acoustic experience of Beats by Dre Audio.  Listen to your tunes like never before and feel the music consume your soul. This helmet will give you the power and confidence to pull off tricks you never thought possible.  Once the bass driven beats get you going you’ll be very surprised at what you can accomplish on the mountain.


 Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015 91

POC Skull Light WO

The leading female specific snow helmet is without a doubt the POC Skull Light WO.  Constructed to the unique specifications of a typical female, the Skull Light WO provides exemplary protection at a light weight that won’t stress you out after a long day of riding.  The EPP material provides durability during any type of impact and the comfortable foam lining feels as good as an Indian head massage.  We will see how long this helmet stays exclusive to women; with protection this comfortable we may just see it relocate into the male market as more boyfriends become jealous of its remarkable physical comfort. 

Top 10 Best Snow Helmets For 2015 10 

Giro Montane

The Montane’s lightweight construction and super fit design are not the only things that bring it onto our list of the best. The added carabineer and trip clip makes it super easy to attach to your backpack and head off on a back country trek. With in-mold lining the outer shell of the helmet becomes one with the EPS foam, reinforcing the less supported vents of the Montane.  Bringing it all together is the innovative air wave style that combines aerodynamic ability with super-cool ventilation which regulates temp and eliminates unwanted odors. The Montane is one of the more modestly priced helmets but that does not mean it is lacking in quality; it is still a top choice!



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